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Fresh Cow Milk
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What's Up With Milk

1. Jersey cows milk has greater nutritional value, plus the highest yield and greater efficiency when processed into cheese and other value-added products.

2. Processing your own milk can give you the freedom of having as much or as little of the cream and fat as you want without adding all of the preservatives such as benzoate, sorbate, and natamycin

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Is She The Only Miniature Highland in Mohave County

So we've been having a blast with our new baby.  She isn't from any of our cows but they have welcomed her and play with her just the same.  

Her name is Ginger (Ginger Snap, Ginger Spice....) and she's a miniature highland we got from Idaho.  I can't wait to watch her grow. 

She's our  bottle baby so we have to feed her morning and night. The little ones are enjoying the feedings. 


Ranch Life & Crafts

Wooden Board

Recipes Cowboys and Cowgirls Love

Eggs in Bowl

The cowboys and cowgirls are out gathering
Time to search for my favorite recipes

Ranch life adventures have began, now that fall is here we are getting ready to gather cattle again. When the guys and gals are out gathering I'm gathering up my favorite recipes to begin my cooking adventures.  Not everything always turns out as pictured, but my effort is sure appreciated. 

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How does climate change effect the way we do things here on the ranch.  Although, we haven't seen drastic changes in temperatures we seen changes in the weather patterns.  What happened to the winter showers and monsoons?  

Is it global warming, who knows. I believe there is something that is changing our planet.  Although, we've seen changes in weather patterns for years, long before you or I were here.  

I know that USDA has the sustainable agriculture research and education (SARE) that was put in place in 1988.  They offer grants and education programs in every state.  Which can potentially be a game changer for struggling farms and ranches. 

On our ranch we've seen little to no rainfall since winter of 2020.  Mohave County is considered to be in a D2 severe drought. Everyday my husband says if we don't get rain and we can't feed the cattle what do we do?  I of course don't have an answer and neither does he.  We have been supplementing our cattle with bales of hay and tubs of proteins.  Both of which are expensive but even more are getting more difficult to find.  If the farmers can't use water resources to grow the hay we aren't able to purchase the hay.   How are we going to continue to feed our cattle while in a drought. One of the creative things I found online was the insect and hydroponic farming in Africa.  Apparently growing bugs to sustain the food needed to raise pigs, goats, fish and chickens in Africa.  I'm thinking well we have plenty enough fertilizer here at the ranch perhaps I need to raise bugs for the cattle to eat.  Interesting concept I thought.   

Water Droplets

Where Is The Rain

Wet Hair

Photo by eatliverun.com

Do you have hard water?

For a few years now my hair has suffered from the hard water.  At the ranch our water is spring fed. I experimented with washing my hair with bottled water for a month thinking I would see a difference in my hair texture.  I can't say I noticed a difference. 

I recently decided to test the water to see what the levels were for lead, bacteria, iron, etc.  The results were not what I was expecting.  None of the tests showed extremely high or low levels.  Of course the tests indicated no bacteria, pesticides or chlorine.  

So the outcome is we have hard water.  So I think I'll be investing in a water softener. 

If you suspect there might be something in your water that shouldn't be there you should perform a complete water analysis.  I purchased the kit at Home Depot.  Purchase your H2O Plus Water Analysis Kit



Garden Prep


I know it's officially winter but I am going to plan my next garden.  Things to do to prepare for your spring garden.  I mean lets face it it'll be here before we know it.  

My garden is a total disaster right now. We had such a long summer which meant a longer growing season.  We still have pumpkins and tomatoes in the garden, but I think that is about to change as the weather is changing.  I should probably spend my free time clearing out my garden.  

I need to take a look at my seeds.  I mean seeds expire according to the package, although I'm not sure if I should just throw those old seeds out or just try to use them.  

So most people use compost in their gardens.  I'm so lucky I have a endless supply of manure on the ranch. I mix the manure in with the soil we have.   I use old manure not fresh, that's for multiple reasons.  I read that fresh manure isn't good for gardens, it's to hot.  

I guess all I need to do now is map out my next garden and start ordering my seeds.  I think I'll order from Burpees this year as well as shop at my local Home Depot for plants. 

Western Landscape

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