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Cracked Earth
baby calf

Round Up Time

These cowgirl's know how to get the job done. While we were in Texas this past weekend the girl's gathered a lot of cattle. Every morning they were out of the house, saddled up and out looking for cows before most of you had your morning coffee. Lainey found this baby calf that wasn't feeling up to the travel back to headquarters, so she carried it home. 

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Is She The Only Miniature Highland in Mohave County

So we've been having a blast with our new baby.  She isn't from any of our cows but they have welcomed her and play with her just the same.  

Her name is Ginger (Ginger Snap, Ginger Spice....) and she's a miniature highland we got from Idaho.  I can't wait to watch her grow. 

She's our  bottle baby so we have to feed her morning and night. The little ones are enjoying the feedings. 

Paint and Brush

Ranch Life & Crafts

Wooden Board

Recipes Cowboys and Cowgirls Love

Eggs in Bowl

The cowboys and cowgirls are out gathering
Time to search for my favorite recipes

Ranch life adventures have began, now that fall is here we are getting ready to gather cattle again. When the guys and gals are out gathering I'm gathering up my favorite recipes to begin my cooking adventures.  Not everything always turns out as pictured, but my effort is sure appreciated. 

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Garden Talk

Can you believe for the past couple of days our temperatures are in the high 50's.  My Farmer's Almanac says it time to get out and prep the garden.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.  Last year I didn't plant until the end of March.  This year I want to be ahead of the game.  I already ordered my seeds and plants from Burpees.  Since it's already a beautiful Saturday morning and all the animals are fed I decided it's time to take a look at the mess I left in the garden. Let me just tell you it's scary.  Last year I bought all new water lines and sprinklers but unfortunately I didn't drain the water out of the lines before the freeze, so I'm not sure if I'll need to buy new lines or not.  Not only that but at the end of the season I had weeds galore.  Including those awful "goat heads" I'm not sure what they are really but around here that is what they are called.  

This year my idea is to grow even more veggies than I usually grow in order to have a garden party.  I'd love to have family, friends, and new friends come out to the ranch to check out all the fun things. 

So keep an eye out for posted events through my farm2ranchgirl Facebook and Instagram accounts.  

Home Grown Squash
krispie treats.jpg

You Can't Just Eat One!

Photo by eatliverun.com

Hers are made a little different but look great!

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats 

1/2 cup of white chocolate chips

1 10oz bag of marshmallows

1/2 stick of unsalted butter

6 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal


Melt butter, chocolate chips and marshmallows over a low heat.  Then mix in Rice Krispies and sprinkles.  You can't go wrong!! They were gone before I could even get a picture...


Garden Prep


I know it's officially winter but I am going to plan my next garden.  Things to do to prepare for your spring garden.  I mean lets face it it'll be here before we know it.  

My garden is a total disaster right now. We had such a long summer which meant a longer growing season.  We still have pumpkins and tomatoes in the garden, but I think that is about to change as the weather is changing.  I should probably spend my free time clearing out my garden.  

I need to take a look at my seeds.  I mean seeds expire according to the package, although I'm not sure if I should just throw those old seeds out or just try to use them.  

So most people use compost in their gardens.  I'm so lucky I have a endless supply of manure on the ranch. I mix the manure in with the soil we have.   I use old manure not fresh, that's for multiple reasons.  I read that fresh manure isn't good for gardens, it's to hot.  

I guess all I need to do now is map out my next garden and start ordering my seeds.  I think I'll order from Burpees this year as well as shop at my local Home Depot for plants. 

Western Landscape

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