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baby calf

Round Up Time

These cowgirl's know how to get the job done. While we were in Texas this past weekend the girl's gathered a lot of cattle. Every morning they were out of the house, saddled up and out looking for cows before most of you had your morning coffee. Lainey found this baby calf that wasn't feeling up to the travel back to headquarters, so she carried it home. 

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Fun Family Time

Now that the days are getting shorter sometimes I find it hard to fit time in to do fun things with the kids during the week.  I put together a list of things to do this month that are easy and fun. Of course with doing activities in the evening I'll have to put together some easy meal plans. 

Top on my list is smores' not only is this easy to do but also yummy.   Another fun project I thought of having the kid paint the sunset as they see it.  How easy would it be to get a sketch pad and some paints.  Another neat idea I thought would be to have a scavenger hunt.  I looked on Etsy for fun scavenger hunt printables. 

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Country Style Living Room

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Wooden Board

Recipes Cowboys and Cowgirls Love

Eggs in Bowl

The cowboys and cowgirls are out gathering
Time to search for my favorite recipes

Ranch life adventures have began, now that fall is here we are getting ready to gather cattle again. When the guys and gals are out gathering I'm gathering up my favorite recipes to begin my cooking adventures.  Not everything always turns out as pictured, but my effort is sure appreciated. 

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Time To Plan Thanksgiving Dinner?

It's almost time to start planning for Thanksgiving.  Who's coming to your house or are you traveling for Thanksgiving? 

At our house we're getting ready for the big meal.  It's time to make a plan.  I'm racking my brain, who will be eating with us. Our guest list includes my in-laws, good family friends and extended family.  Oh, I can't wait to see everyone.  It's going to be a packed house about twenty plus people.  

Do I buy paper products or get out the china.  I want it to be an easy breezy day with minimal clean up.  I saw the cutest plates and napkins at Walmart., made by Pioneer Woman.  I'm so tempted to buy those and be done with that.  Although, it sure does look beautiful when you have your table set with nice china and fixings.

So what to cook turkey, prime rib, or ham?  I'm personally not much of a ham eater but I'm pretty sure I may be the only person in my house that likes a nice piece of juicy turkey breast smothered in gravy.  I think my mother-in-law won a bid on a turkey at our local 4H auction last month.  So we might get to cook a turkey after all. 

Things to think about:

1. Budget

2. Number of guests

3. Menu

4. When to begin prepping

If you want to join me in getting Pioneer Woman plates and napkins feel free to click on the link below.  l mean who says we need to be fancy and formal.

 I have this amazing Whiskey Turkey brine recipe I need to find. I can't wait to share it with you. Do you have a brine that you would like to share? Click on the link below to email me your favorite brine.

Festive Dinner
Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Puree' Recipe

Pumpkin Puree' Anyone?

Last year I couldn't find pumpkin puree' in the stores.  So this year I've decided to make my own with all of my leftover pumpkins.

Best Whiskey Turkey Brine

You need to try this whiskey brine recipe.  It is amazing!

Roasted Turkey

Maple Whiskey Turkey Brine

Farmers Market

Farmer's Markets and Gardening Groups

October 2021


I have visited my local farmers market and found amazing foods. Not only is the food that I found fresh and free of pesticides and other chemicals, but it's just nice to talk with local growers to find out what grows good in that area or what doesn't.  Farmer's also love to share their growing secrets and tricks, which is always neat to hear about. Gardening doesn't always have to be trial and error.  So if you are planning on planting in the future you might as well start researching now. 

Throughout the years of gardening I found it very helpful to be apart of gardening groups such as the ones on social media.  I found it not only helpful to get local grower's insight but also to see all the wonderful things growing in my community. Even if you aren't growing anything or planning on it, join a local social media group it's good for you soul. 


1. You get to choose from fresh foods that are in season. 

2. You may find fruits or vegetables that you haven't experienced before. 

3. You may get tips on the best way to prepare the foods you've found.  I know for myself we have prepared the spaghetti squash I grow a ton of different ways. 

4. I love to take the kids to the farmer's market.  Not only does it give them the experience of seeing everyone's hard work of growing pay off, but it's a kid friendly environment.  

5. Shopping locally keeps the money in your community.

Thank you to all of the hard working farmers! Without them we wouldn't be able to enjoy all the amazing foods available. 

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