My Story

The road to this amazing life began when I was a girl on my dad’s farm, in Washington. I’ve always known country living was the place for me. Although, life took me down other roads in rural towns and big cities, my heart was always back on the farm. Now, years later I live on the ranch with my amazing family, in beautiful Arizona. 

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Ranch road with the desert skies in Arizona
Desert Road

My daily commute to work doesn't mean sitting hours in traffic or watching for signs showing road closures.  When driving down the county roads the only things that'll slow you down are the cows. It may take forty minutes to get to town but it never gets old. 

Things to do while driving down the country road

1. Turn up the music and rock out

2. Catch up on your texts. I discovered my car has voice texting capabilities. 

3. Stop and take pictures of the sun coming up.  Desert sunrises are the best.